07: Post LAC Developing Frenzy

Hey All!

As you know last week there was the LAC ’18 held at C-Base, Berlin. It was again an awesome event (huge thanks to the organizers!) OpenAV done a quick lightning talk about Ctlra, checkout the video below (clicky the image to play the OpenAV section of the lightning talk session : ) There were some questions after the talk – even some questions for members of the audience!

We discussed many aspects of the Ctlra library with other Linux Audio Developers – and we’re now in the “solution space” of mapping the hardware control surfaces to the many DAWs and audio-software projects that exist. In short; there’s a huge amount of development done in the last few days to enable complex multi-layered mappings with minimal host complexity! A showcase PR is available here for casual viewing… the ~1000 LOC that was added to prototype this..

If you have input on the mapping strategy, or want to discuss mapping and hardware control surfaces, please do get in touch – now is the right time!

Cheers and chat soon with more updates on Ctlra and Mappa, -Harry of OpenAV