This section shows you how to install OpenAV software on your computer. Usually OpenAV software is available from your package manager, however due to the pace of development on certain projects it may be worth compiling from source to get the latest features! Currently Linux is the only OS supported – if you would like Windows / OSX support, email me to say so.

Debian + Ubuntu

All Debian based Distros (Debian, Ubuntu and its flavours Kubuntu/XUbuntu/Lubuntu … etc) can use the KX Repositories:

Arch Linux

Openav software is available from git using AUR (Thanks uploader VirtualTam 🙂


The Gentoo community have a pro-audio overlay, which can be used to download (some) of the OpenAV software. More packages are planned to be added, so do check back if something isn’t available there yet:

Source Code

All source code is available on Github! All repositories available from the OpenAV page:

Questions about Installing?

Best do a quick google, and if you can’t find an answer, just contact me!