How-to on installing OpenAV Software


This section shows you how to install OpenAV software on your computer. Most likely, OpenAV software is in your package manager: due to the pace of development on certain projects, it may be worth compiling from source to get the latest fixes and features. Currently Linux is the only OS supported - if you would like Windows / OsX support, email me to say so.

Debian + Ubuntu

All Debian based Distros (Debian, Ubuntu and its flavours Kubuntu/XUbuntu/Lubuntu … etc) can use the KX Repositories:

Arch Linux

Openav software is available from git using AUR (Thanks uploader VirtualTam :)

Source Code

All source code is available on Github! All repositories available from the OpenAV page:

Questions about Installing?

Best do a quick google, and if you can’t find an answer, just contact me!