Arty FX is a plugin bundle of artistic real-time audio effects. The aim of this plugin collection is to allow the designing of your sound just as you desired using a fast, efficient workflow. Check out the tutorial videos below!

New plugins are being developed, so contact me if you have an idea for a plugin.


Della is a delay with feedback, and has 3 controls:

  • Feedback
  • Volume
  • Time

Feedback controls the amount of the signal fed back into the delay line: turn it up to have that reggae crazy- dub echo that goes on forever!

Volume changes the amount of the delayed signal you hear: useful to keep the delays in the background of a track.

Time changes the delay-length: note that this is "quantized" to multiples of the BPM, so it "jumps" between a 1/8th note, 1/4 note, 1/2 note and whole note duration. Della picks up the BPM from the host program: so if you change tempo it will continue to stay in time!

Della Screenshot


Ducka is a side-chain envelope plugin: it is very useful for creating "pumping" basslines as often found in minimal house music. The plugin works by analysing the volume of a sidechain input, and changing the volume of a seperate stereo track, based on the amplitude of the sidechain input.

Eg: if there's a kick-drum on the sidechain input, the volume of the stereo track gets reduced, until the kickdrum is over, then the stereo track is faded in again. The controls:

  • Threshold
  • Drop
  • Time

Threshold sets the level that the input audio must reach before the stereo track gets reduced.

The drop controls the amount of volume reduction that is performed.

Time controls the amount of time it take before the stereo track is faded in again. Note that this control is BPM dependant, and the center is directly on the off-beats. A setting of half (its default) is generally musical :)

Ducka Screenshot


Filta is a lowpass and highpass filter combination. Useful to remove unwanted high and low frequencies from various recordings or instruments. The controls:

  • Frequency

Frequency controls what type of filtering is done, and what frequency. Lower values are lowpass filter, turning up the dial is causes highpass.

Filta Screenshot


Kuiza is a 4 band equalizer. Its perfect for creatively shaping the sound of an instrument or synth. The controls (left to right):

  • Low gain ( ~55 Hz)
  • Low mid gain ( ~220 Hz)
  • High mid gain( ~1760 Hz)
  • High gain ( ~7040 Hz)
  • Master gain

Each of the gain controls changes the amplitude at the given frequency. The master gain can be used to reduce or amplify the overall volume if needed.

Kuiza Screenshot


Masha is a beat grinder plugin: it records a segement of audio and plays it back as a loop, causing a "stutter" effect. The controls are:

  • Volume
  • PassThru
  • Time

Volume changes the loudness of the stutter-loop. PassThru allows bleeding the normal signal trough. Time is a BPM dependant control that changes the loop-record and playback length. Gradually reduce this value to get that standard DJ stutter effect!

Masha Screenshot


Roomy is a spacious and smooth reverb. It has three controls:

  • Time
  • Damping
  • Dry / Wet

The time control changes the length of the reverb tail: higher values give will create a bigger and more spacious mix.

Damping controls the high- frequency damping: lower settings gives a spacious open sound, while a high damping feels small and close.

The Dry/Wet control changes the amount of reverb signal mixed in: useful for techno and trance reverb builds... just crank it right up!

Roomy Screenshot


Satma is a crazy distortion plugin. Useful to excite and get gritty, dirty audio. The controls:

    - Distortion - Tone

Distortion changes the amount of signal- shaping that occurs: the overall amount of noise production.

The tone control subtly varies between high-frequencies and lower frequencies, or making both equally gritty.

Satma Screenshot


1.1 Release (17-03-14)

This release added the Della, Satma and Kuiza plugins, as well as various improvements and bug-fixes. Check the announce video.

Thanks to all who financially supported this release:
-Rui Nuno Capela (#irc rncbc)
-Jeremy Jongepier (#irc AutoStatic)
-Rob UK
-Leigh Dyer (#irc [lsd])
-Matt Henley
-#irc audiomobster
-Amos Przekaza
-Denis Bertusso (#irc touchstyle)
-Burkhard Ritter
-Vince “Ras Tilo” Rateau (Superdirt²)
-Furio Rupeni

1.0 Release (11-06-13)

The first release of ArtyFX: included Roomy, Masha, Filta and Ducka. Check out the release announcement video.

Thanks to all who financially supported this release:
-Jeremy Jongepier (#irc Autostatic)
-Daniel Worth (#irc PipeManMusic)
-Tim Mayberry (#irc timbyr)
-Brendan Jones (#irc bsjones)
-AV Linux (#irc avlinux)