Arty FX is a plugin bundle of artistic “RT” effects. The aim of this plugin collection is to allow the designing of your sound just as you desired using a fast, effiecient workflow. New plugins are being developed and release all the time, so get in touch via email if you have an idea for a plugin.

Masha is a beat smasher. Right-click the UI to enable, or automate it using your DAW. Once enabled, Masha samples a beat of audio, and loop plays it back. Play with the “Time” dial for the classic stutter build.


Roomy is a reverb effect, with simple automatable controls. Perfect as an insert on the master bus, for those epic reverb builds before the drop.



Ducka is a sidechain-volume envelope. Perfect for pumping basslines, or fading adding some interest to a synth. The “Time” control allows pushing and pulling those pumps just off beat for extra energy!


Filta is a highpass / lowpass filter combo. Working on a trance build, or just need some frequencies gone? Filta is the tool for the job, one dial for flexibilty but keeping simplicity!


Satma is a maximizing distortion plugin. Fantastic for bringing some sparkle to a synth pad or lead, or crank up the distortion and tone to get that beefy shredding-guitar sound!


Della is a feedback capable delay plugin, exactly what you need for that dub / reggae! Thanks to Daniel for requesting the plugin, and helping design the way it works!



Kuiza is a 4 band equalizer, perfect for a "quick-fix" of any track. It's 4 bands are split into low-shelf, two peaking filters with wide Q, and a high shelf. Thanks to Fons Adriaensen for writing FIL-plugins, this EQ is based on the same filter code!


New plugins are being actively created, get in touch if you have an idea! Email me!



Release Status: Released!
1.1 released on Monday 17-03-14, with 12 contributions recieved, thanks all!
This release adds Satma, Kuiza and Della to ArtyFX.
-Rui Nuno Capela (#irc rncbc)
-Jeremy Jongepier (#irc AutoStatic)
-Rob UK
-Leigh Dyer (#irc [lsd])
-Matt Henley
-#irc audiomobster
-Amos Przekaza
-Denis Bertusso (#irc touchstyle)
-Burkhard Ritter
-Vince “Ras Tilo” Rateau (Superdirt²)
-Furio Rupeni

1.0 released on 11-06-’13, with 12 contributions, thanks!
-Jeremy Jongepier (#irc Autostatic)
-Daniel Worth (#irc PipeManMusic)
-Tim Mayberry (#irc timbyr)
-Brendan Jones (#irc bsjones)
-AV Linux (#irc avlinux)

Get the code here: