Luppp is a music creation tool, intended for live use. The focus is on real time processing and a fast and intuitive workflow. With extensive MIDI mapping support, you can get looping just how you like! Luppp was formally announced at the Linux Audio Conference 2012 at CCRMA, Stanford University. The paper behind that presentation is available here, and the video recording of the talk itself is here.

Demo Reels

Release Status

1.2.1  Release (15-4-19)
  • Print version number with –version
  • Minor Meson build improvements
  • Clang format configuration file for consistent code style
1.2 Release (24-7-18)
  • MIDI binding for clear clip
  • Build with Meson
  • Space bar triggers special clip
  • Manual BPM input (right click Tap+ button)
  • Avoid noise on audio controls
  • Reduce default metronome volume
  • Make label code consistent
  • Fix compiler warnings
  • Remove all hard coded scene numbers
  • Add some debug output
  • Metronome fancy fades
  • Improved icon file
  • Fix segeral leaks and errors
  • Fix broken waveforms
  • Fix FLTK/NTK conflict
  • Fix generic MIDI launch bug
  • Fix wrong output mapping
  • Fix input signal flow
  • Fix input volume for clip recording
  • Fix timing issues after changing playspeed
  • Fix scenes losing names once scene is played

1.1.1 Bugfix Release (9-4-17)

  • Create project dir if not already existing
  • Pan per track
  • Full stereo signal chain
  • cmake updates to enable optimized builds on x86_64
  • Fix possible mem leak if MIDI binding fails
  • Fix possible mem leak in options dialog
  • Asytyle refactor of codebase
  • Cleaup startup prints and blank lines
  • Update CMake makefiles to not clobber cflags vars

1.1 Feature Release (24-12-16) Features added:

  • JACK Sends for FX per track
  • Bugfix for clips “walking” out of sync
  • Bugfix for clicks sneaking into audio buffers
  • Bugfix for fader volumes
  • Bugfix Master Returns now working properly again
  • UI improvements (look and feel consistent)
  • Default loading directories used
  • New controller scripts (Akai APK Mini, Launchpad S, Akai APCKey 25)
  • Clips can be saved using right-click menu

1.0.1 Bugfix (30-08-14) Features added:

  • Metronome has seperate JACK port
  • Play / Stop functionality for transport
  • Arrow keys on keyboard move special clip
  • Keyboard capitals clears clips
  • Updated icon / integration

Bugs fixed:

  • JACK timebase master BPM / BBT fixed
  • Fixed packaging issues
  • Ogg file loading available
  • Preferences file auto-written

Merge requests thanks:

  • AutoStatic
  • Florian Paul Schmidt
  • katacarbix
  • keszybz

1.0 Release (11-12-13) Intial release of Luppp! Check the announce video. Thanks to all who financially supported this release:

  • SCLOrk (Santa Clara Laptop Orchestra, Santa Clara Uni)
  • Bernard Tressol (stanlea)
  • Johannes Tress
  • Rui Nuno Capela (#irc rncbc)
  • Dave Phillips
  • Nassim Ourami
  • Yuri Klopovsky
  • Jeremy Jongepier (#irc AutoStatic)
  • Kaspar Emanuel
  • Edward Diehl
  • #irc Lykki
  • Steve C.
  • Matt Henley
  • DJ Dual Core
  • Vince “Ras Tilo” Rateau (Superdirt²)
  • Justin Nevill
  • Yann Collette
  • Timothée Giet (Animtim)
  • Michael Bunsen
  • #irc zth
  • Samuel Aubert
  • Others!