06: Its Almost LAC 18!

Hey Folks!

Its almost LAC 18 and there’s lots of things happening the the Linux Audio world! Of course MOD Devices have launched the plugin store, making commercial LV2 effects available for purchase on the DUO hardware. This enables FLOSS developers to continue releasing code in the open – but possibly also earn a living from open-source audio software by allowing musicians to purchase “ease-of-use” and in a known good tested environment like the MOD Duo! (Checkout the image up top – OpenAV’s ArtyFX Filta is a featured plugin : )

In the OpenAV coding world, we’ve been working on porting Ctlra library to work with the MOD DUO, which will enable some really tight integration between LV2 plugins and hardware control surfaces… think MIDI mapping on steroids – and with displays! Of course, there are some technical challenges, but that’s what we’re overcoming now – and then its time to put together some awesome demo content.. so there’s a bit of a rush going on to finish some things before Thursday next week!

Looking forward to meeting you all in Berlin for LAC ’18! -Harry