04: Post Sonoj and Winter Plans


Its been a while since the last update – so whats new in OpenAV land? Well the Sonoj event took place, where the OpenAV Ctlra hardware access library was a demo! More details were shared about the intended goal of Ctlra library, and what obstacles we as a community need to overcome to enable everybody to have better hardware workflows!

Winter Plans

OK – Ctlra made some progress, but what is going to happen over the next few weeks / months? More Ctlra library progress is expected, everything from improving the sensitivity of drum pads to adding a 7-segment display widget to the virtual device user-interface.

So much for the easy part – the hard part is the mapping infrastructure for hardware and software – and OpenAV is looking at that problem, and prototyping various solutions at the moment. No promises – but this is currently the #1 problem causing hardware-based workflows to not integrate well for the majority of musicians in the Linux audio community….

Stay tuned!