01: Ctlra

Hey! With this new site online, we’d better post some actual content! So we are going to post a articles to show what the summer time was spent developing. There’s a range of projects always going on, but usually we focus on a particular topic. Right now that’s the Ctlra project!


Ctlra is a library to allow software developers interface with hardware devices. Technically, it “abstracts” the details of the hardware device away, and provides the application with “generic events”. Great. But what does it mean to you – the musician on stage? It means any Ctlra enable application (more on that in a future post!) will be easy to control from your hardware control surface. More importantly, not just “input” will work well – its also about feedback – lighting up the controller, displaying useful info on the devices’ integrated screen!

So what is OpenAV actually doing for this? During the last year (since Nov ’16!) we’re writing code, lots of code. Sometimes this code enables your hardware device to actually work on the Linux platform, sometimes it exposes the device in a different way – to allow your audio software easily interact with the device. Checkout the youtube video of the presentation at the LAC (Demo’s start at 23:30!):


Next UP

In the next posts, OpenAV is going to show you what Proof-of-Concept work we’re doing – to demonstrate the value of the Ctlra library. Right now, you need hardware to test if Ctlra support is working as expected… that’s about to change!

Stay tuned, -Harry from OpenAV